SanchoSQL - desktop client for PostgreSQL database

How to connect to Postgres on AWS?

SanchoSQL can be used with a Postgres instance running on AWS (Amazon RDS). Here’s how to do it.

Create a new Postgres database in Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) console.

When creating a new instance, note username and password.

If you already have one, go to the dashboard.

You should see something similar to this:

AWS Postgres RDS dashboard

Take note of DB Name, Endpoint, Port, and Public accessibility (should be set Yes)

Set up access in security group rules

Warning! The following example will enable establishing connections from all over the Internet. Before doing this, consider your use case and make sure it’s safe!

Go to security group rules settings and click on the Inbound entry.

AWS security groups

Then, check the Inbound tab. The settings below enable access from anywhere, so be careful!

AWS security groups

You can also click Edit and alter the configuration so that only connections from your IP will be accepted:

AWS postgres inbound rules

After that, we can configure the connection in SanchoSQL!

Configuring connection in SanchoSQL

  1. Open SanchoSQL

  2. Select Connections (shortcut Control-N) option from the menu (File -> Connections)

  3. Click Add button in the next window to create a new connection.

SanchoSQL - AWS connection configuration

Now, you need to fill in the connection details:

When you set all fields - you can click on the Test connection button to check if a connection can be established successfully. If you see Success - congratulations! It works as expected!