SanchoSQL - desktop client for PostgreSQL database

How to connect to Postgres on Heroku?

SanchoSQL can be used with a Postgres instance running on Heroku. Here’s how to do it.

Get credentials for Postgres running on Heroku

Go to configuration of your Postgres add-on. Click on View credentials button.

Heroku Postgres credentials

Then, you should see credentials for your database. We’ll use them to set up a connection in SanchoSQL!

Heroku Postgres credentials

Configure connection in Heroku Postgres in SanchoSQL

  1. Open SanchoSQL

  2. Select Connections (shortcut Control-N) option from the menu (File -> Connections)

  3. Click Add button in the next window to create a new connection.

SanchoSQL - Heroku connection configuration

Now, you need to fill in the connection details (using the values from Heroku):

When you set all fields - you can click on the Test connection button to check if a connection can be established successfully. If you see Success - congratulations! It works as expected!