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Benchmarking concurrent operations in PostgreSQL

Performance tests of concurrent operations in PostgreSQL. Read how different SQL operations are performing under different load, different isolation levels in Postgres.

Database transactions, concurrency, isolation levels, and PostgreSQL

Behavior of concurrent access to resources such as databases can be a complex topic. This article describes how concurrent access can be managed using SQL transactions, including transaction isolation levels, and how certain patterns of access can affect performance.

Building a video game in C for a weekend game jam

Summary of building a video game entry for Ludum Dare 46 game jam. Top-down survival shooter in C and SDL.

How to use git submodules and CMake to install C++ libraries?

Install a C++ header-only library with git submodules and CMake.

Stay paranoid and trust no one. Overview of common security vulnerabilities in web applications

Stay paranoid and trust no one. Common security issues in web applications explained with Python and Django. Examples of SQL injection and command injection. Cross-site scripting, and other common vulnerabilities.

Static websites in Golang and Rust

How to generate static page websites in go?

How to connect to a host Postgres database from a Docker container?

Assume we have a web service running inside a Docker container. We also have a Postgres database running on a host system. This means we need to allow a Docker container to connect to a local Postgres database. the database and the container need to be configured in order to communicate. Here's how to do it.

Building a Postgres GUI client with C++ and GTK (SanchoSQL)

SanchoSQL - Postgres GUI client with C++ and GTK

Setting up CI for a C++ application with Docker

How to set up continuous integration for a C++ application with Docker and open source CI service?

Debugging with git bisect

How to debug your code with git bisect

Launching applications from Emacs

Making a turn-based strategy game in C++ in 72 hours

A turn-based strategy game developed for Ludum Dare 42 game jam in C++ and SFML.

When the compiler fixes your mistakes

I have been working on a new feature for my terminal-based application launcher. I want to be able to search for programs and run them from within Emacs using xstarter. In this post, I'll describe a strange experience I have had fixing a bug.

On the benefits of a text-based user interface

Modern user interfaces offer stunning graphic styles and impressive visual effects. However, there's a category of applications that is seemingly outdated but yet offers unparalleled productivity and unique experience in interaction with a computer.

How to install googletest library?

The following guide provides instructions on how to compile and add googletest (gtest) to a C++ project. See how to compile and install googletest and googlemock. Use pkg-config to obtain compiler flags. Then set up the libraries to build your cmake project.